At Alexi Senior Living, we want to give our residents the best care possible. Our environment provides 8 Approaches to Memory Care and services to fulfill the needs of Members with Alzheimer’s disease, Senior living, and similar conditions at various stages.8 Approaches to Memory Care

1) A calm, secure, and relaxing environment with few interruptions. 

People who aren’t working aren’t seen as much as they should be. An enclosed outdoor patio allows you to enjoy nature in safety.

2) Private Rooms

The memory care community has only private rooms, giving residents a sense of belonging and privacy while interacting with staff and loved ones.

3) Trained, Experienced Experts

Experienced, trained professionals adapt services, care, and communications for Members with memory challenges.

4) Individual abilities drive engagement initiatives.

Members will be able to break down a craft project into simple steps to make sure they succeed and are happy. For others, music or art may be the most effective means of fostering concentration and pride. Providing opportunities for purposeful activity is critical for those who feel restless or worried.

5) Cueing

The use of words and signs to provide direction and reminders throughout the day is an essential tool in every workplace environment.

6)Tranquility Room 

Members and their loved ones can spend quiet time together, meditating, or praying in our Tranquility Room, which is a beautiful, tranquil, and peaceful retreat.

7) Therapy pets and kids

8 Approaches to Memory Care

During visits with therapy pets and kids, joyful moments occur, eliciting good memories (as/when authorized in accordance with COVID regulations).

8)Patients are cared for holistically

People from a wide range of health care fields work together to give patients one-on-one attention and care. Everyone is treated as a one-of-a-kind individual in our luxury senior living community.

We approach memory care from the standpoint of best abilities, concentrating on what Members can accomplish rather than what they can’t. For more information about Memory Care and when The Time is Right For Assisted Living, call (815)534-5389 today.

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