How Do I Know When My Loved One Needs Adl Assistance

Change is always difficult, and it can be fraught with uncertainty, especially when decisions about care for our elderly parents and loved ones must be made. Moving from independent living to assisted living is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. The most difficult challenge, however, is determining when it is necessary to […]

What Does Adl Assistance Mean

Activities of Daily Living are common tasks that we all perform in order to live independently. These activities or tasks are divided into three broad categories. Personal Care Assistance (ADLs), Lifestyle Support (ADLs), and Activity Assistance are all types of Personal Care Assistance (Domestic Activities of Daily Living – ADLs). What does adl assistance mean? […]

Does Alzheimer’s Make You Mean

People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease may lash out for no apparent reason. They may become easily agitated or angry. They may curse, scream, or throw tantrums. They may even throw things at caregivers or push and hit them. This type of aggression usually begins in the later stages of the disease. Does Alzheimer’s make you […]

Do Alzheimer Patients Know They Have It

“Do people with Alzheimer’s know they have it?” many family caregivers wonder. Some people are unaware that they have Alzheimer’s disease, which may surprise you. People with Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain tumors, stroke, and other types of brain damage are cognitively impaired and may not realize anything is wrong with them. Do Alzheimer patients know they […]

How Fast Alzheimer Can Progress

Alzheimer’s disease can often go undiagnosed for several years. The average time between diagnosis and onset of symptoms is approximately 2.8 years. How fast Alzheimer can progress?   What Causes Death in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death among Alzheimer’s patients, along with: Dehydration Falls Malnutrition As well as […]

Why Do Alzheimer Patients Clench Their Hands

Dementia patients are frequently seen clenching their fists. Sometimes the grip is so tight that trying to unclench the person’s fist actually hurts them. This is a common symptom of dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s or Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). Why do Alzheimer patients clench their hands? What Causes Dementia Patients To Clench Their Hands According to […]

Alzheimer’s And Depression

When doctors refer to depression, they refer to the medical condition known as major depression. A person suffering from major depression experiences symptoms almost daily, all day, for at least two weeks. What is difference alzheimer’s and depression? Among these symptoms are: Sadness or numbness Crying easily or for no apparent reason feeling slowed and […]


memory care activities

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients gain from being productive and engaged. Memory care homes offer activities and entertainment to foster social connection, relieve anxiety, stimulate the brain, and inspiring accomplishment. What are the activities to help with memory care? “We provide the care they need and the engagement and opportunities they want.” Matching residents with enjoyable […]

Assisted Living Versus Skilled Nursing

You might be wondering what the differences are between assisted living and skilled nursing care as you look for the ideal living options for yourself or someone you care about. The most significant distinction between the two is the amount of care provided and who gives it. What is assisted living versus skilled nursing? Long-term […]

Can Assisted Living Kick You Out

As you or a loved one adjusts to senior living, you may worry if you or they can be evicted. Yes, to put it succinctly. Assisted living facilities in some jurisdictions can evict individuals with as little as a 45-day notice. “Assisted living is overseen by states, and standards tend to be loosely defined, providing […]