A nurse has touched all of our lives at some point and for that reason we’re Celebrating Our Nurses. You may have met a nurse in the hospital who helped you or a family member feel better. Or, if a loved one lived in a senior living Matteson community or nursing home, a nurse may have helped them get used to their new home and community in a big way.

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Nurses are trained to provide clinical assistance, but they contribute much more than that. Rns are always kind and establish a personal rapport with those they care for.

They help the sick, the hurt, and the dying by giving them care, support, and treatment. Nurses also help their families and communities. They diagnose patients, provide medications, aid with operations, treat them beyond the initial diagnosis, and more.

What Would We Do Without Nurses?

Celebrating Our Nurses

Nurses help patients deal with life-threatening illnesses with compassion. They reassure patients who are about to

have surgery, help them deal with extreme stress, and ease their pain at every step of the way. When we couldn’t be with our loved ones in COVID-19 units, nurses were there for them.

In places like assisted living and nursing homes, nurses have more time to get to know their residents. A nurse knows what a resident wants to do, talks about, values, and is sad about. Nurses know residents’ children and grandchildren and converse with them about recollections and major occasions.

Big Thanks!

Nurses know that their daily care and clinical support are very important. But these very special people also know that caring for the “whole person” and what is important to each resident every day is what makes a difference in their quality of life as a whole.

National Nurses Week is in May; think about a nurse who touched your life or a loved one’s. They always advocate for patients’ best interests and emphasize holistic health, which considers physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They are also involved in the decision-making process about the patient’s care in order to reflect the patient’s position and provide recommendations, when necessary.Take the time to say “thank you” in a special way. In the process of providing care for patients and advancing the profession of medicine, nurses play an essential and vital role. Celebrate all the nurses you know by tagging them in the comment section.

If you’re an individual wanting to thank a helping nurse in your care facility call them or Alexi Senior Living at (815)534-5389 now. Also learn about our Senior Housing: What Are Your Options?

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