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Seniors suffering from dementia thrive in familiar settings. These individuals find solace in familiar objects. Given the specific conditions surrounding elders living with dementia, one way to assist them in feeling secure is to properly decorate their memory care room.

memory care decorated room

Dementia gradually robs a person of cognitive abilities. As a result, the senior has trouble managing everyday activities, pursuing meaningful pursuits, and engaging in social activities. Due to increased dependency, care options are critical to the dementia patient’s well-being. Nearly 50 million individuals worldwide are living with dementia, and this number is predicted to grow. It is critical to empower elders living with dementia and to keep them active and self-sufficient for as long as feasible. Supportive environments contribute to this goal.

What Memory Care Rooms and Facilities Include

A caregiver assists an elderly person in walking. A memory care room is specially built to make daily life easier for dementia patients. Given the proclivity of dementia patients to wander, memory care facilities include alarmed doors and elevators that require a code to operate. Enclosures are used to secure outdoor regions. How to decorate memory care room?

The physical environment of a memory care center should be clean and attractive. Rather than causing frustration for dementia patients, hallways should be circular. Most importantly, each room should be identified with descriptive text and images to assist residents in locating them. While a memory care facility is secure and regulated, its rooms can be imaginatively arranged to meet the dementia patient’s needs. The ideal living environment promotes identity, autonomy, and privacy while also facilitating the maintenance of social interactions.

The ideal memory care room will compensate for the dementia patient’s memory loss while also promoting their active participation in society. The things listed below contribute to a meaningful life in a memory care room. Consider everyday technology, as well as access to nature and public spaces. Search for a memory care nursing home near me for incredible services.

1. Incorporate Natural Lighting

Appropriate illumination is critical in a dementia patient’s memory care room. Increase natural light in the room whenever possible by opening curtains, pruning huge outside hedges that obstruct the window or sunlight, and removing any superfluous shades or screens.

When using artificial lighting, make a point of minimizing shadows. Shadows are created by insufficient lighting. Shadows, when combined with the senior’s impaired vision, might easily shock the dementia patient and cause him to “see” something that is not actually there.

2. Opt for Contrasting Colored Furniture

Seniors suffering from dementia do best in places with contrasting colored surfaces. Select furniture and fixtures in contrasting colors. For couches and chairs, solid colors are great. Instead of facing the television, place the couches in front of a window. Similarly, hang towels in the bathroom that contrast with the color of the wall. Bed linens and draperies should contrast with the walls and floors. Indeed, while selecting carpets for the floor, avoid highly clashing hues.

Memory-impaired older persons suffer from a lack of spatial awareness. They may perceive dark colored rugs as gaping holes in the floor. Rugs with intricate patterns, such as those with colored dots, can appear to have specks that require cleaning. If possible, avoid rugs, as dementia sufferers may interpret them as an object that must be walked over. These actions may result in trips or falls. Floor colors should not be mistaken for real items, such as green or blue, which could be mistaken for grass or water.

3. Woman in her Eighties Reading

Memory loss occurs as dementia advances. When the dementia sufferer sees his reflection in the mirror, he may no longer recognize himself. Remove or conceal mirrors in the memory room to avoid frightening the senior. At night, close the draperies to prevent the senior from seeing his reflection in the window.

4. Incorporate Sensitive Home Décor

The memory care room should contain objects that are meaningful to the senior. Quilts can be hung on the wall in honor of a senior who formerly enjoyed quilting. Every time she looks at the quilt, happy memories will flood her mind. Even for a senior living with dementia, maintaining one’s identity is critical.

5. Bring the Snoezelen Experience to life

Instill emotions of serenity, quiet, and well-being through the use of a sensory therapy technique known as the Snoezelen experience (the Dutch phrase literally translates as “explore” and “doze”). To create a peaceful environment, incorporate soft lighting, soft textiles, plush animals, and calming lights and images.

Individualizing a memory care room enables the dementia sufferer to maintain a meaningful, purposeful life. While the décor in the memory room will not prevent the progression of the disease, it will provide comfort and security, as well as help maintain a feeling of self.

Assistance with Alexi Senior Living

Assist With Memory Care

The ideas outlined above for decorating a memory care room can also be used successfully to decorate a senior’s house. While careful attention to the décor is critical, Alexi Senior Living provides dementia patient’s quality of life.

Alexi Senior Living offers superior Alzheimer’s and dementia care in the comfort of seniors’ homes. Our caregivers are educated to identify dementia symptoms and respond with compassion and skill. Additionally, we give nonmedical assistance with daily living activities. Our dementia caregivers’ primary responsibilities include discrete support with personal hygiene activities, food preparation, medication reminders, transportation to doctor’s appointments, light housework, and companionship. Additionally, we analyze the home environment to verify that it is dementia-friendly.

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Alexi Senior Living is licensed, bonded, and insured, instilling confidence in families and their elderly loved ones. We provide a comprehensive consultation to assess care needs and provide a personalized care plan. Additionally, we serve the elderly in Lincoln Highway Matteson, Illinois.


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