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We recognize that everyone deserves a break from time to time at our Chicago Alexi Senior Living. Alexi respite care offers caregivers and patients support and assistance. Our respite care health services provide round-the-clock assistance for a variety of care levels for families and seniors who require a short-term stay away from their daily lives and duties.

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Environment that is both safe and medically monitored

Three daily meals are offered in our elegant dining area in a restaurant-style setting.

A full program of social activities and entertainment is available.

Medical management, health maintenance, wellness and related programs for senior

Medication management and washing, dressing, and grooming support

Stays at skilled nursing facilities are offered for visitors who require round-the-clock care*.

For persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia, there are secure memory units accessible.

Over 750-square-foot one-bedroom senior resident suites with walk-in closets

Respite Care | What Is It?

A short-term stay in a senior living facility is known as respite care for the elderly. It’s frequently recommended for seniors who are recovering from a hospital stay or other health issues. It can also be used when respite care providers are away for an extended amount of time or for a senior living trial period. Our respite care services are offered for a number of care levels, including assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing, depending on the location.

Respite Care Programs | Respite Rehabilitation

Enjoy customized respite care services from our experienced team while staying at our Chicago city Alexi community, and rest easy knowing that each one of our suites has its own emergency response system. To learn more about respite and the many levels of care provided to our older respite care loved ones, families, and residents and our respite care programs, contact a local Chicago senior living home today or us at (815)534-5389. If this isn’t enough feel free to visit the National Respite Network website for more on health and support for respite families and patients.

We have a 30-day respite services care adult day program built exclusively for guests who are coming to Alexi from a hospital or rehabilitation institution. During an illness and after a hospital stay, the program provides nursing and rehabilitative help. You’ll have access to all of the extra services that help you recover fully and quickly, from medication management to family round-the-clock support care.

Considering Outcomes | National Respite Network

According to ARCH National Respite researchers, the efficacy of community-based respite services for older people and their families is becoming more and more important. However, research on services like respite care faces methodological challenges that have slowed the growth of outcome studies. We point out problems with the usual ways researchers study respite care in order to encourage the use of new and better respite research designs that can lead to better studies of community-based respite services. Here are some outcomes to consider when dealing with Respite Care:

Physical Health:

Exhaustion, sick days, doctor visits, exercise, nutrition and diet, subjective ratings, drugs, improvements and decreases in certain illnesses, and so on.

Mental Health:

Depression, stress, optimism, perceptual self-reports, daily life satisfaction, and so forth

Our Alexi Senior Living facility offers many health services including Alzheimer services respite care services, dementia health support, family care, and more. Call our Chicago senior living home care facility at (815)534-5389 if you or a family member is in need of respite care support and wants assistance.

Short-term stays are perfect for caregivers who need a break. You can’t bring your elderly loved one on vacation. Work may require an out-of-state journey. A respite stay can help you relax and avoid caregiver burnout if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Our Alexi Respite Care program is a short-term stay for seniors undergoing rehabilitation after clinical trials end or a hospital stay. They’ll heal in luxury with all the above facilities and medically qualified staff until it’s time to go home.

Children’s respite care is short-term care that allows you to take a break from caring for your child. We understand how difficult it can be at times, and how important it is for you to relax and unwind.

Respite care assists family caregivers in regaining control of their life. It gives caregivers the opportunity to recover from the demands of caregiving while also allowing them to focus on other vital elements of their lives. Respite care is an essential component of a caregiver’s success.

  • Providing support, companionship, and comfort to sick, elderly, or disabled people.
  • Monitoring vital signs and administering recommended medications.
  • Assessing a client’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • When necessary, facilitate appropriate professional intervention.
  • Clients are engaged in appropriate activities such as socializing, playing games, or reading aloud.
  • Providing mobility, personal hygiene, eating, and drinking assistance to customers.
  • Clients are accompanied to medical appointments and trips.
  • Cleaning, cooking, and shopping are examples of general household responsibilities.
  • Keeping the environment clean and safe.

Unless the respite services include hospice care, Medicare will not cover them. Families in financial need should investigate Medicaid to discover if they are eligible. Long-term care insurance can be used as a supplement to aid with respite care costs.

While paying for respite care can be costly, free respite care is an alternative. For an hour, family members, neighbors, and friends can help. Volunteers provide a couple of hours of care at places of worship. Senior Companions, for example, sends senior volunteers to stay with the elderly for a short time.

Furthermore, asking for grants from organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association of America can help support respite care for elders with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Each quarter, numerous state voucher programs are also available to help with the cost of respite care.

If your loved one is experiencing depressive symptoms and feelings of isolation, it may be time to discuss assisted living. The amenities provide several chances for social interaction and activities. It could be exactly what they require!