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Alexi Senior Living of Matteson welcomes you. We cannot wait to welcome you home. Our Alexi Supportive Independent Living lifestyle enables people to continue living the healthy, independent, and active lives they are accustomed to, with a little assistance when necessary. Get the space you require in a community you adore in our personalized retirement homes.

Live Your Best Senior Life In Our Senior Living Community!

The IL Alexi Senior Living Retirement Homes is a fantastic complement to your lifestyle. In Matteson, Illinois, you will have easy access to all of the required amenities for independent living assisted living, and memory care, while still being able to unwind in our pleasantly private residential living setting. No more looking for homes for rent or condos for rent! You will fall in love with our spacious independent living one- and two bedroom apartments for rent for seniors provided by Alexi, which have been designed with meticulous care.

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Inviting Ambiance

Our community radiates through all the magnificent shared areas we provide, which are filled with laughter and light, as our members live carefree lives in the presence of their kind neighbors. There is always a colorful way to spend the day at Alexi Senior Living, whether our residents want to spend the morning reading in the library, take an afternoon class in the art center, or engage in friendly competition in the billiards area in the evening. Our residents also enjoy spending time on our outdoor terrace, drinking refreshing drinks and swapping tales beneath the clear Illinois sky.

Pets Are Welcome, Too!

Our neighborhood and individual apartment houses at Alexi are pet-friendly. We recognize the value of the companionship pets provide to the elderly residents of our community and value their positive presence. Schedule your tour today!

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Alexi Retirement Homes | Choosing The Right Independent Living Facility

Adults who are ready to retire and celebrate the next phase of life like to rent private senior retirement homes. You will be greeted by a community of seniors aged 55 and older who are living exciting lives but are eager to leave behind ordinary senior living. It’s time to retire and get on with your life, which is awaiting you.

What you require from an independent living or retirement community is dependent on your individual circumstances. With so many different services available, you should consider which ones are most important to you now and in the future. Consider a neighborhood with an exercise area, a pool, or fitness courses if you value exercise. Or, while you may currently prefer preparing your own meals, you may desire the option of shared meals in the future.

Consider the following while visiting a retirement home, retirement community, or another independent living facility:


The Public

Regardless of the sort of independent living facility you are considering, it is essential that you connect with peers and feel at ease in the community.

When visiting the neighborhood, speak with some of the locals. Would you like to get to know them better? Are support services provided in a timely manner by an approachable and available staff? If a community restaurant is available, dine there if feasible and mingle with other residents.

Dimensions and Geography of the Community

There is no standard size for an independent living community, so it is up to you whether you prefer a smaller community or one with more people and social possibilities. Are you happy with apartment-style living, or will you only consider a single-family dwelling?

Location is another factor to consider. Popular retirement communities in the United Areas include Arizona, California, and Florida, which are warmer states. However, there are disadvantages to moving far away from family and friends. You’ll need to establish a new support system and seek out new medical care.


Consider the interior and outside accessibility of the retirement community. Do you feel safe arriving and departing at various times of the day? Are amenities outside the property within walking distance, or do you need a car or golf cart to go around? Are regular destinations such as a library, college, or medical facilities easily accessible?

Obtain a sense of future adaptability in your prospective residence. Are there any steps inside or outside the unit? Can ramps be installed if required? Determine whether grab bars and other assistive devices can be easily put in bathrooms. If you have a pet, are animals permitted?

Amenities and Activities

Are your hobbies and interests accommodated? Is there an on-site exercise center, game room, or coffee shop?

There may be certain activities that you have never tried before. Some independent living facilities and retirement communities, for instance, collaborate with surrounding colleges to provide intellectual classes and cultural events.

Helping A Loved One Become Self-sufficient

Even a welcome relocation might be difficult for an elderly person. Make sure your loved one understands what to expect from an independent living or retirement home, as fear of the unknown is one of the most common sources of anxiety.

Recognize your loved one’s sense of loss. Grief and feelings of loss are to be expected even in the finest of circumstances, such as when a loved one voluntarily moves. Do not underestimate their emotions or overemphasize the positive. Respect and sympathize with grieving individuals, and give them time to adjust.

Keep your loved one in the loop about their new home. It will let your loved one feel in charge of the relocation. Allow your loved one to choose which activities are most important or which belongings they prefer to bring.

Call and visit as frequently as possible. It takes 30 to 90 days to become accustomed to a new home, so maintain regular contact with your loved ones, particularly in the first three months, to reassure them that they are still loved and cared for. Whenever feasible, continue to include your loved one in family trips and events. Allow your loved one sufficient time to explore their new community and establish new acquaintances.

Discuss concerns together. While it is possible that your loved one will experience a time of adjustment after moving into an independent living or retirement community, you should not instantly assume that complaints are a normal part of this process. Consider the concerns of your loved ones seriously. Discuss the steps you may take jointly to fix the problem. And if the issue turns out to be significant with no clear solution, be willing to consider alternative facilities.

Independent Living Apartments | Monthly Rent

Enjoy the convenience of an assisted senior apartment with life-enhancing facilities, such as chef-prepared meals and a senior living on-site exercise center. All one-bedroom and two-bedroom retirement home floor plans include full kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops for an opulent living space. One monthly payment includes rent, amenities, and the vast majority of activities.

Benefits Of An Environment Lifestyle

Assisted Living Or Independent Senior Living Retirement Homes

Before the emergence of senior care and living lifestyle choices, many families sought alternatives to nursing homes and assisted living facilities for their elderly loved ones. Today, there is an abundance of retirement living options that are tailored to each individual’s lifestyle. And while choice is a luxury that previously did not exist in elder living, the possibilities can be overwhelming.

Before you can choose which community will enable you or a loved one to live life to the fullest, you must evaluate the traits of both the individual and the community to make the best decision.

In a community of independent living, maximizing independence is much easier. Many of our business residents join our Matteson IL Alexi Senior Living retirement homes to be near their friends, and resident care advocates assist those who are new to the community in transition. Each day offers various chances to be physically and mentally active, engaged, and connected for a more fulfilling lifestyle. Flexible meal options, on-site assisted services, and access to healthcare monitoring contribute to living a healthier lifestyle.

Retirement Home & Independent Living Types

There are various sorts of independent living facilities, ranging in cost and amenities supplied, from apartment complexes to stand-alone residences.

Subsidized senior housing. 

In the United States, for example, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) subsidizes senior housing complexes for low-income seniors.

Senior apartments or CCRC.

These are apartment buildings for those over the age of 55 or 62. Community services such as recreational programs, transportation, and meals served in a communal dining area may be included in the rent.

Homes for retirees.

Retirement communities are sets of living units for people over a specific age, usually 55 or 62. Single-family homes, duplexes, mobile homes, townhouses, and condominiums are all examples of housing units. If you decide to purchase a unit, you may be charged additional monthly fees for services such as outside maintenance, leisure centers, or clubhouses.

Retirement Communities with Continuing Care (CCRCs). 

If you or your spouse are relatively well now but foresee serious health issues in the future, you should think about a CCRC. In the same neighborhood, these facilities provide care ranging from independent living through nursing home care. If residents require assistance with activities of daily living, they can move from independent living to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility on the same campus. The primary advantage of a CCRC is that you only need to migrate once to a new setting and can keep your freedom for as long as possible.

Contact our IL senior living assisted living and memory care agency for rent and pricing info today.

With seniors on board, the likelihood of frequent emergency situations is fairly significant. Check the community’s ability and capacity to respond to emergencies comprehensively. Determine whether the facility can accommodate your medical needs. Inquire about the various therapies and other community services.

Residents of a rental retirement community pay a monthly fee that includes rent, maintenance, and the majority of the community’s activities, services, and amenities. Buy-in communities demand an up-front financial investment.

Independent living is just a general term for any housing arrangement made just for older adults, usually those 55 and up. There are many different kinds of housing, from apartments to single-family homes. In general, the housing is better for older people because it is often smaller, easier to get around, and there is no maintenance or yard work to worry about.

Numerous senior communities restrict or prohibit dogs. If pets are essential to you, you should inquire about breed, size, and number restrictions.

Consider your budget, the level of care you require, your preferences for facility features and facilities, and the type of community culture you desire when selecting an assisted living home communities. To learn more about your alternatives, life, conduct some internet research on local institutions and try to visit or take a virtual tour of your top picks.

Many of our residents believe it is never too early to consider senior living, adding that they wish they had made the transition sooner. Here’s how you can tell:

  • When you are prepared to let go of the burdens of home ownership and apartment upkeep in favor of the benefits of senior living.
  • When a little assistance can help you live a more fulfilling life.
  • When your loved one has been diagnosed with a memory disorder such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or a cognition-related issue.
  • When you prefer to spend your time with friends and dine on daily meals prepared by a chef.