We’d love to go on about all the ways Alexi Senior Living can accommodate and cater to you, but our residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.

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    5 star review  I want to Thank Elaine @ Alexi for her warmth, knowledge and willingness to assist my family in this trying time. Elaine's knowledge and Alexi beautiful community allowed for my Aunt & Uncle's to see that this transition was not giving up something but to transition to another phase of their life. Elaine took her time with us and helped us as a family to see the benefits of Memory Care and how Alexi was designed with Dementia residents in mind. I'm so Thankful that my family had the opportunity to view Alexi Senior Living and more importantly to have met Elaine. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    thumb C

    5 star review  For nearly six months, I've been looking into memory care communities for my mother. I think I've spoken with and communicated with every memory care facility in the area, and Alexi is the one I've chosen for my mother. I initially met with Elaine, the Marketing Manager, and then had the privilege of seeing the facility with the Owner, Executive Director, Nursing Director, and Elaine. I've never met a group of people who are more sensitive, loving, and caring. Alexi's history is a labor of love, and it's a place that everyone should visit. I was told by the Alexi team that I would never have to worry about my mother again. My mother's timing for the new facility's launch will be perfect. It's as if someone in Heaven designed it specifically for us.

    thumb Steven Puente

    5 star review  I have been researching memory care communities for my dad for nearly a year. I think I’ve spoken to and communicated with every memory care community in the area and decided on Alexi for my father. I first met with Elaine, The Marketing Manager – and then lucky enough to tour the building when the Owner, Executive Director, Nursing Director and Elaine were there. I have never met a more compassionate, loving and caring group. The story behind Alexi is a wonderful labor of love and a place everyone should consider. The Alexi team promised me I will never have to worry about my dad again. The timing of the new facility opening will work out perfect for my father- it’s as if someone in Heaven built it for us.

    thumb Debbie Nick

    5 star review  When my siblings and I starting searching for an Assisted Living/Memory Care home for our Mom, it was such an emotional journey. As a family, it was one of the most important and challenging decisions we were faced with. My advice to those on this journey, closely observe, talk to the staff, sit down with the residents and their families and truly understand the "why" behind how this community came to be. Alexi's conception came from the experience and journey the Vari Family had when they were faced with having to find an Assisted Living/Memory Care community for their mother. What an honor, labor of love and legacy to their Mom! At Alexi, you will find what you have been searching and hoping for! Just like my family did!!!!

    thumb Julie West

    5 star review  My 96-year-old father-in-law recently moved to Alexi Senior Living, and my husband and I are quite pleased with the level of care he is receiving. They're fantastic! They play games, watch movies, exercise, and do a lot more than he did at home... As they say, Alexi is not the end, but only the beginning, and we are thrilled for him.

    thumb Bruce Jacobs