Are you up in age and feeling tired and lonesome thinking you’re not able to get up and get out? No more drowning in boredom and what-ifs! Here’s the Top 5 Summer Workout Safety Tips For Seniors and Senior Living near me!Top 5 Summer Workout Safety Tips For Seniors!

1) Increase your hydration levels.

2) Put on your best outfit and apply sunscreen.

3) Recognize when it’s best to stay inside.

4) Inform others of your plans and when you anticipate to return.

5) Avoid slips, trips, and falls.

Some people enjoy going to the gym and walking on a treadmill. Others find such activities to be dull. Making exercise interesting and pleasurable is the key to sticking with it. Be inventive. Do what you enjoy, but try to pick up the pace if possible. Exercise in all four categories: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. The variety keeps things fresh and interesting!


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