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Going through a major transformation can be stressful and frightening—and possibly also exciting. For instance, if you’re relocating to an assisted living community, you may miss your home but look forward to making new friends and generally simplifying your life. However, what if you’ve noticed that your memory isn’t as sharp as it once was? You’ve heard of something called “memory care”. You are curious about if it’s appropriate for your circumstance and whether it’s available in assisted living—the lowdown on your alternatives, beginning with an overview of assisted living and memory care.

Assisted living

What Is Assisted Living Exactly?

An assisted living community is one in which residents maintain a high degree of independence. They do receive support with various requirements, including mobility, meal preparation, transportation, medication, and bathing. You may be ready for assisted living if navigating your home’s stairs has become difficult or risky for you or if driving poses a risk. Assisted living might occur in a large complex or a neighborhood setting. Certain establishments accept pets and include laundry as part of the price or charge an additional cost. What is assisted living memory care?

What Is Memory Care Exactly?

Memory care facilities are pretty distinct from assisted living facilities. Memory care individuals have unique and severe memory-related demands. They may lose track of who they are daily and become frustrated when strolling through locations they’ve known for a while but now feel foreign. They may stray from the grounds and constitute a danger to themselves and others, particularly if they become aggressive when frustrated. You should book memory care facilities near me.

Memory care takes a unique approach, as do numerous design considerations. For example, people with memory impairments may become irritated when presented with a door they cannot open, which is why many memory care facilities feature circular corridors free of gates or other impediments to walking. Similarly, touching something that does not appear to be made of wood might be frightening (for example, seeing a table that seems to be made of wood but is not made of wood).

Reputable memory care institutions make an effort to pay close attention to elements such as the following:

An assisted living facility may have a social room equipped with areas dedicated to arts and crafts, jigsaw puzzles, and board games to build on the previous point. Rather than that, a memory care center may contain areas dedicated to child care (dressing and feeding lifelike dolls) and office work (“working” at a desk with a few office supplies). Additionally, it may offer music therapy sessions during which participants listen to tunes from their youth.

Is Memory Care Available in Assisted Living?

Thus, returning to your concerns regarding your amnesia. You believe you are safe in assisted living for the time being, but what if you require memory care shortly?

While assisted living does not include memory care, other communities offer a continuum of care. Some facilities provide assisted living, nursing home care, and memory care. Each form of care is housed in its wing or building, but transferring from one level to the next may be more accessible because everyone is in the exact general location. Numerous similarities exist in the decor, and you may run into the same familiar staff members regardless of where you are. Additionally, it is often more convenient for inhabitants’ friends and relatives. Not only can they visit the exact location constantly, but they also avoid having to make fresh decisions and excursions every few years about where you might dwell. This can be advantageous for you if you are attempting to plan.

Several Potential Disadvantages of Communities that Combine Various Forms of Care

As mentioned previously, there might be significant benefits to selecting communities that offer various care options. There can be drawbacks. Perhaps most significantly, independent memory care facilities may perform better than memory care units or wings inside more prominent communities.

Specific memory care units integrated into a broader community may place a higher premium on residents’ physical safety and prevent them from wandering. On the other hand, a separate community may also assist inhabitants with their emotional and mental health requirements (examples: music therapy and stations for child care and office work).

As always, inquire about each location you are considering. It’s possible that the facility you’re considering offers assisted living, nursing home care, and memory care, all of which have top-notch services and people. Meanwhile, the independent memory care community you’re considering may fall short in some critical aspects. You should choose Alexi Senior Living for your loved ones.

Additionally, keep in mind that many residents appreciate receiving visitors regularly. Assume you locate an excellent memory care center to which you can relocate if the need arises. However, because it is three hours distant, you may want to receive memory care locally, even if it is not as robust as you would like. Your friends and family members can assist in compensating for some of a facility’s limitations by becoming knowledgeable about memory care and implementing recommended practices.

Assisted Living and Memory Care Costs

Assisted living and memory care have one thing in common: payment is not as straightforward as many people would like. To begin, assisted living:

The sooner you purchase long-term care insurance, the less expensive your monthly premiums maybe, even more so if you choose inflation protection. Avoid becoming discouraged if one company declines to cover you. You may be successful with other businesses.

Now for memory care: Any private financing options available for assisted living can be utilized to finance memory care. Additionally, veterans receive additional assistance, and the government provides further assistance to non-veterans who require memory care. Alexi Senior Living assists, albeit the level to which they assist, differs by state.

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