You might have a loved one in need of 24-hour care or temporary care that you’re not able to tend to daily. Well, respite care would be one of our top recommendations. If you’re unfamiliar with it you’re probably wondering What Is Respite Care for Older Adults? Respite care is a short-term stay in a senior living community, usually at the assisted living level. New York State now allows it for 120 days per calendar year. This was previously limited to six weeks, but the State has recognized that respite care near me for dementia and more has shown to be an effective and important aid for families by expanding the time limit.

To manage their all-consuming responsibilities of being “life support” for a loved one, caregivers must take care of their health. Burnout is extremely common. Remaining fatigued, alone, or overwhelmed is a sign that you need help. Making time to rest, refuel, and relax is a necessity, not a luxury.What is Respite Care for Older Adults?

Among the most common indications and symptoms of caregiver stress are:

Everybody needs a vacation now and then. Alexi Senior Living provides respite care in a luxury apartment with all the services and amenities of assisted or enhanced assisted living. Dressing and showering are also mentioned. It provides our temporary guests with dignity, privacy, and a sense of well-being.

Contact a top-rated memory care South Chicagoland facility or Alexi Senior Living at (815)534-5389 for more info. We’ll cover multiple topics for your interests including ways you can Make the Most of Summer’s Bounty! and more.

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