Wonder Works Children’s Museum is a children’s museum that was founded in 2002 as a non-profit corporation in the village of Oak Park, Illinois. It is the successor to the Oak Park Children’s Museum, which opened in 1993. The museum is committed to providing a fun, mostly self-directed play and learning environment for children. The museum, which has its own building in one of the village’s business districts, had seventy thousand visitors in 2017. They used the facilities as casual visitors, museum members, birthday party guests, or special-event attendees. The museum’s operations are supported by the sale of visitor day passes, annual memberships, proceeds from special events, and fundraising. Most special events include value-added educational programs for adults and children, and the majority of special events are included with general admission. A board of directors comprised of members of the local community; a CEO; DOO, museum floor managers; an education team; and a number of full-, part-time, or volunteer associates in various roles manage Wonder Works. Read our other post before visiting Pleasant Home. Contact Alexi Senior Living for your loved ones situated in Oak park; you can call them at  815-534-5389.

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